Best Special Project Award Recipients


Community Service to Veterans (P15997)
Honorable Barbara M.G. Lynn American Inn of Court—Dallas, Texas


The Hamilton Misadventure:  The Story of Tonight (P15554)
Temple American Inn of Court—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Toro Canyon Middle School Community Outreach Program (P14842)
The Warren Slaughter Richard Roemer American Inn of Court— Indian Wells, California


Civil Discourse and Difficult Decisions Program with the University of Washington at Tacoma (P14751)
Hon. Robert J. Bryan American Inn of Court—Tacoma, Washington

We're all Inn Response to Hurricane Michael: 2,100 Hours of Service (P14392)
The William H. Stafford American Inn of Court—Tallahassee, Florida 


Attorney ad Litem Training: Making a Difference One Child at a Time/Protecting Children in the Legal System (P14102)
Vassar B. Carlton American Inn of Court—Viera, Florida


Oliver Hill "Rule of Law" Program (P13845)
Ted Dalton American Inn of Court—Salem, Virginia


Bankruptcy Program for the 53rd Academy of American and International Law (P13502)
The Hon. John C. Ford American Inn of Court—Dallas, Texas


Cyber Carta, Magna Carta for the Information Age  (P13224)
The Temple American Inns of Court—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Howard Middle School Law Awareness Mock Trial (P12744)
The George C. Young First Central Florida American Inn of Court—Orlando, Florida

Summary: This special project built on an established relationship between the Inn and a local middle school. After several years of coaching and scripted mock trials, this project featured an original mock trial based on a real case. To give students a better appreciation of how the law might affect them, the scenario involved a minor who committed a series of burglaries. Students acted as jurors, trial clerks, bailiffs, judges and attorneys. The school's audio/visual class filmed the mock trial and is creating a documentary based on the experience.


The History and Influence of the English Inns of Court: An Evening With Professor Sir John Hamilton Baker (P12262)
The Temple American Inn of Court—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Summary: This program featured Sir John Hamilton Baker, a prominent educator and leading legal historian. The program began with a parody skit reflecting the incivility and lack of professionalism that prompted the founding of the American Inns of Court. Following the skit, Sir John Hamilton Baker lectured on the history and influence of the English Inns of Court based on his extensive personal research.


This House Believes the Declaration of Independence Was an Illegal Document (P12118)
The Temple American Inn of Court—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Summary: This project presented some of the most distinguished jurists in America and England participating in an Oxford-style debate over the legality of the Declaration of Independence. The Honorable Anthony J. Scirica moderated the debate between a panel of barristers selected by the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn and scholars and jurists recruited by the Temple American Inn of Court. The program began with pre-debate refreshments and a viewing of historical documents including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. The United Kingdom team argued that the Declaration of Independence was illegal and treasonable. The United States team argued that the Declaration was legal and had precedence in English law. At the end of the debate, attendees voted on the winner.


Wills for Heroes (P11991)
The Temple American Inn of Court—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Summary: This special project featured the Wills for Heroes public service project. Wills for Heroes is a 501(c)3 foundation that assists organizations in providing free wills, living wills, and powers of attorney to first responders. The submission included a video created by the American Bar Association highlighting the Wills for Heroes program. The Temple American Inn of Court embraced the Wills for Heroes program as a public service projects. Since the Inn's involvement in early 2011, the Pennsylvania Wills for Heroes programs have provided over 700 estate plans for first responders completely free of charge. More critically, it has provided peace of mind to hundreds of our heroes' families.


Bankruptcy Trial Skills Program (P11893)
The Hon. John C. Ford American Inn of Court—Dallas, Texas

Summary: The Hon. John C. Ford Inn, in conjunction with the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Young Bankruptcy Lawyers, formed a committee and designed a program to provide substantive and practical litigation skills training for bankruptcy lawyers. The project was divided into two parts: a series of five 90-minute classroom sessions and a five-hour mock trial. The faculty was made up of federal and state court litigators who had tried several significant contested matters or adversarial proceedings in the bankruptcy court. The mock trial demonstrated a scripted motion to lift an automatic stay.


There was no Best Special Project recipient


Promoting Professional Courtesy
The Justices Ray L. Brock, Jr.–Robert E. Cooper American Inn of Court—Chattanooga, Tennessee

Summary: This project serves to educate new attorneys in the community about courtesy and to remind all practicing attorneys of the important principles of professionalism. The project updated the Guidelines for Professional Courtesy and Conduct for the Practice of Law in Hamilton County, Tennessee, originally adopted in 2001. The Inn furnished wallet-sized reminder cards to be distributed to all attorneys in the county. The Inn also worked to obtain approval and signatures from newly-elected Judges in support of the Guidelines.