Our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals 

The Vision of the American Inns of Court

A legal profession and judiciary dedicated to professionalism, ethics, civility, and excellence.

The Mission of the American Inns of Court

The American Inns of Court inspire the legal community to advance the rule of law by achieving the highest level of professionalism through example, education, and mentoring.

Our Strategic Goals

Goal: To promote a high quality member experience

A.    Identify the earmarks/components of a high quality member experience and determine how to assess whether an Inn is providing this experience to its members.
B.    Empower and enable local Inns to provide a high quality member experience
C.    Enhance the quality of programs provided directly to members.

Goal: To have a greater impact on the profession

A.    Identify opportunities to expand and increase membership in Inns.
B.    Assess and re-define the American Inns of Court's relationship with law schools for the purpose of increasing student and faculty awareness of and involvement in the Inns of Court.
C.    Develop strategies to recruit and retain judges at all levels.
D.    Re-engage the alumni in the strategic planning and goals of the American Inns of Court.
E.    Develop new programs and expand existing programs to use the American Inns of Court Foundation's national and international reach to make a greater impact on the profession.

Goal: To be a primary resource for mentoring and education focused on professionalism, which includes ethics, civility, and excellence

A.    Have more Inns of Court with mentoring programs.
B.    Assist new lawyers in finding a mentor.
C.    Encourage more education opportunities focused on professionalism for small firm lawyers, solo practitioners and other underserved areas of the profession.
D.    Expand our branded program offerings to non-members.

Goal: To be widely recognized as a leader in promoting professionalism, which includes ethics, civility, and excellence

A.    Have a clearly defined brand.
B.    Communicate our brand widely and consistently.
C.    Partner with other national legal organizations to promote professionalism.
D.    Increase the visibility of the American Inns of Court by developing an organizational communications plan.

Goal: To have effective ongoing communications with members and alumni of the American Inns of Court

A.    Develop a plan for improving communications generally, and incorporate improved communications into the ongoing operations of the organization, including each of its programs and services.
B.    Establish a clear methodology for ongoing evaluations of the effectiveness of communications.

Goal: To establish a highly effective governance structure and culture

A.    Implement a strategic, efficient and effective committee structure.
B.    Review board member, officer and staff roles.
C.    Implement a continuing board and staff education program.

Goal: To grow and diversify American Inns of Court revenue streams

A.    Create a permanent capital development structure.
B.    Implement the permanent capital development structure.

Effective May, 2017