How the American Inns of Court Supports Inn Leaders

InnSight | July 2022

Welcome to the new Inn year! Whether you are continuing your tenure on your Inn’s executive committee or brand new to Inn leadership, the American Inns of Court national office exists to assist and strengthen your Inn, foster communication, and act as the representative of the Inns nationally and internationally. As you begin or continue your leadership duties, take advantage of the many national resources at your disposal:

  • Directors of Chapter Relations: Every Inn is assigned to a director of chapter relations who is the primary liaison between the Inns and the national office. Contact the director of chapter relations for your state if you have questions about how to improve your Inn's performance or if you need more information about the services or programs offered by the national office.
  • Program Library: The Program Library consists of programs created by Inns nationwide and submitted to the national office as well as special projects from Inns that range from community service projects, special award ceremonies, and other events that fit outside the realm of general programs. Download programs from the Program Libary for free and adapt them to your Inn’s needs. If your Inn creates its own programs, consider submitting those programs to the Program Library throughout the year.
  • Leadership Summits: Network with other Inn leaders, share the successes and challenges of your Inn, and learn Inn best practices. Virtual Summit sessions will be held September 20–22, 2022. Register Now! In-person Leadership Summits are held every spring.
  • Inn Administrative Resources: Learn about and browse Inn Leadership Resources, create a free website for your Inn, and manage your Inn with our Inn Management System (IMS).
  • InnSight: As an Inn leader, you are automatically subscribed to receive this monthly e-newsletter to help you stay informed about the latest Inn news and announcements. You can browse previous issues of InnSight on the American Inns of Court website.
  • News from National: This monthly e-newsletter is designed specifically to inform you and your members about opportunities and benefits at the national level. The newsletter is designed to be easily read out loud at the Inn's monthly meeting or it can be forwarded to members.
  • Inn Best Practices: Discover templates, samples, and guidance for Inn administration, communications, programs, mentoring, and outreach. These five competencies comprise the Achieving Excellence program, a tiered achievement-based program that recognizes activities in which Inns are already involved and builds on an Inn's successes.
  • Tax Filing and Liability Insurance: The American Inns of Court provides a number of services, information, and resources to assist Inns with obtaining and maintaining tax exempt status, financial management and budgeting, and liability insurance coverage.

Ready to get started? Contact your chapter relations director today to start planning a successful Inn year.