Local Inn of Court Website

A website is an important tool to facilitate communication with Inn members and to connect with the community. Every Inn has the option to have a free, local Inn website hosted by the national office. Inns also have the choice to use other web hosting services at their own expense. Read more about Inn management tools here.

How do I sign up?

Contact your Director of Chapter Relations if you are interested in signing up.

Is the website the same as the Inn Management System?

While the two systems have information in common, the website is separate from the Inn Management System. Inn websites are edited through a third party website. The Inn Management System is an online tool used to facilitate administrative information, and the sign in is through the American Inns of Court website.

How many people can edit our Inn's website?

We recommend designating a single assigned web administrator. While administrative privileges can be given to additional users, we recommend having one person that operates within the system.

Inn Website Suggested Contents

  • Local Inn history
  • Biography of Inn namesake
  • Link to www.innsofcourt.org website (if using external Web site host)
  • Inn bylaws
  • Inn policies
  • Current calendar of meetings
  • Current Executive Committee listing with contact information
  • Membership information
  • Membership application information
  • Contact Information
  • Meeting guest attendee policy/information
  • American Inns of Court Diversity Policy

For the Achieving Excellence program, either an Inn handbook or a current website will satisfy the Communication requirement for Silver, Gold, and Platinum designations.

Inn of Court Website Examples