Thank you to our donors!
The following individuals and organizations have generously donated to the American Inns of Court Annual Appeal  within the past year.  Their financial support helps make the American Inns of Court experience available to more legal professionals across the country, and enhances our ability to support Inns, provide education, and carry out our international scholarship programs.  Thank you!
Patron ($7,500 and above)
Blank Rome LLP
Blank Rome LLP 10000.0000
Champion ($5,000 - $7,499)
Mike and Barbara Lynn Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundati
Mike and Barbara Lynn Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundati 5000.0000
Chris W. Altenbernd, Esq.
Chris W. Altenbernd, Esq.ALTENBERND, CHRIS5000.0000
Hon. Collins J. Seitz, Jr.
Hon. Collins J. Seitz, Jr.SEITZ, COLLINS5000.0000
Stephanie E. Sowell, Esq.
Stephanie E. Sowell, Esq.SOWELL, STEPHANIE5000.0000
Advocate ($2,500 - $4,999)
Cummins-Levenstein Charitable Foundation Inc
Cummins-Levenstein Charitable Foundation Inc 2500.0000
Kim J. Askew, Esq.
Kim J. Askew, Esq.ASKEW, KIM2500.0000
John M. DeStefano, III, Esq.
John M. DeStefano, III, Esq.DESTEFANO, JOHN2500.0000
Anita F. Steenson, Esq.
Anita F. Steenson, Esq.STEENSON, ANITA2600.0000
Sustainer ($1,000 - $2,499)
Hon. John L. Carroll
Hon. John L. CarrollCARROLL, JOHN1000.0000
Hon. Douglas S. Lang
Hon. Douglas S. LangLANG, DOUGLAS1000.0000
Hon. Barbara Savitt Pearson, Ret.
Hon. Barbara Savitt Pearson, Ret.PEARSON, BARBARA1500.0000
William R. Peterson, Esq.
William R. Peterson, Esq.PETERSON, WILLIAM2000.0000
C. Harker Rhodes, IV, Esq.
C. Harker Rhodes, IV, Esq.RHODES, C. HARKER1000.0000
Daniel A. Rubens, Esq.
Daniel A. Rubens, Esq.RUBENS, DANIEL1550.0000
Vern Schooley, Esq.
Vern Schooley, Esq.SCHOOLEY, VERN1000.0000
Richard A. Schwartz, Esq.
Richard A. Schwartz, Esq.SCHWARTZ, RICHARD1000.0000
Hon. Arthur G. Scotland
Hon. Arthur G. ScotlandSCOTLAND, ARTHUR1000.0000
Ben J. Weaver, Esq.
Ben J. Weaver, Esq.WEAVER, BEN1000.0000
Qianlu Ying
Qianlu YingYING, QIANLU1000.0000
Friend ($500 - $999)
Ryan C. Cicoski, Esq.
Ryan C. Cicoski, Esq.CICOSKI, RYAN880.0000
Prof. Sherman L. Cohn
Prof. Sherman L. CohnCOHN, SHERMAN500.0000
Christopher DiPompeo
Christopher DiPompeoDIPOMPEO, CHRISTOPHER500.0000
William Lewis Jenkins, Jr., Esq.
William Lewis Jenkins, Jr., Esq.JENKINS, WILLIAM500.0000
Scott A. Keller, Esq.
Scott A. Keller, Esq.KELLER, SCOTT500.0000
Hon. Donald W. Lemons, Senior Justice
Hon. Donald W. Lemons, Senior JusticeLEMONS, DONALD500.0000
Edward W. Mullins, Jr., Esq.
Edward W. Mullins, Jr., Esq.MULLINS, EDWARD500.0000
John S. Skilton, Esq.
John S. Skilton, Esq.SKILTON, JOHN500.0000
Matthew J. Sweeney, III, Esq.
Matthew J. Sweeney, III, Esq.SWEENEY, MATTHEW500.0000
Hon. Peter D. Webster
Hon. Peter D. WebsterWEBSTER, PETER500.0000
Supporter (up to $499)
Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile 5.0000
David W. Akridge, CAE
David W. Akridge, CAEAKRIDGE, DAVID250.0000
David A. Benfield, Esq.
David A. Benfield, Esq.BENFIELD, DAVID250.0000
Hon. Jacqueline Blanton Steele
Hon. Jacqueline Blanton SteeleBLANTON STEELE, JACQUELINE100.0000
Kimberlee Amanda Boyle, Esq.
Kimberlee Amanda Boyle, Esq.BOYLE, KIMBERLEE50.0000
Hon. Consuelo M. Callahan
Hon. Consuelo M. CallahanCALLAHAN, CONSUELO100.0000
Anthony B. Cavender, Esq.
Anthony B. Cavender, Esq.CAVENDER, ANTHONY250.0000
Shirley A. Cochran, Esq.
Shirley A. Cochran, Esq.COCHRAN, SHIRLEY100.0000
Henry M. (Hank) Coxe, III, Esq.
Henry M. (Hank) Coxe, III, Esq.COXE, HENRY450.0000
Prof. R. Lawrence Dessem, Dean Emeritus
Prof. R. Lawrence Dessem, Dean EmeritusDESSEM, R. LAWRENCE100.0000
Hon. Peter Estrada
Hon. Peter EstradaESTRADA, PETER50.0000
Avery Friedman, Esq.
Avery Friedman, Esq.FRIEDMAN, AVERY100.0000
Mary Jo Gilsdorf, GILSDORF
Mary Jo Gilsdorf, GILSDORFGILSDORF, MARY JO250.0000
Hon. Steven D. Grimberg
Hon. Steven D. GrimbergGRIMBERG, STEVEN250.0000
Hon. Donna Nelson Heller
Hon. Donna Nelson HellerHELLER, DONNA100.0000
Charlotte H. Hetherington, Esq.
Charlotte H. Hetherington, Esq.HETHERINGTON, CHARLOTTE250.0000
Hon. Gary Ellis Hicks
Hon. Gary Ellis HicksHICKS, GARY200.0000
Sharon A. Israel, Esq.
Sharon A. Israel, Esq.ISRAEL, SHARON100.0000
Hon. Kent A. Jordan
Hon. Kent A. JordanJORDAN, KENT250.0000
Peter M. Koski, Esq.
Peter M. Koski, Esq.KOSKI, PETER100.0000
Sandra L. Lascari, Esq.
Sandra L. Lascari, Esq.LASCARI, SANDRA100.0000
Larissa Lee, Esq.
Larissa Lee, Esq.LEE, LARISSA250.0000
Judy Hamilton Morse, Esq.
Judy Hamilton Morse, Esq.MORSE, JUDY250.0000
Hon. Jocelyn Newman
Hon. Jocelyn NewmanNEWMAN, JOCELYN125.0000
Anne M. Paul, CAE
Anne M. Paul, CAEPAUL, ANNE100.0000
Isaac D. Paxman, Esq.
Isaac D. Paxman, Esq.PAXMAN, ISAAC230.0000
Hugh M. Ray, III, Esq.
Hugh M. Ray, III, Esq.RAY, HUGH250.0000
Hon. Henry duPont Ridgely
Hon. Henry duPont RidgelyRIDGELY, HENRY100.0000
Hon. Mary M. Schroeder
Hon. Mary M. SchroederSCHROEDER, MARY50.0000
Hon. Alice R. Senechal
Hon. Alice R. SenechalSENECHAL, ALICE100.0000
Hon. Carl E. Stewart
Hon. Carl E. StewartSTEWART, CARL250.0000
Gayle L. Strong, Esq.
Gayle L. Strong, Esq.STRONG, GAYLE50.0000
Hon. Aleta A. Trauger
Hon. Aleta A. TraugerTRAUGER, ALETA100.0000
Prof. Robert K. Walsh
Prof. Robert K. WalshWALSH, ROBERT300.0000