The Bencher—November/December 2023

Connecting to Our Roots

Feature Articles

Recalling Our Roots in the Revelry and Excellence of the London Inns of Court
By Judge Lauri Damrell—Page 10

Roots in Raising Colorado’s IP Community
By James Juo, Esquire—Page 12

American Inns of Court: The Genesis
By Ralph L. Dewsnup, Esquire—Page 15


Ethics: The Roots of American Legal Ethics Codes
By John P. Ratnaswamy, Esquire—Page 9

Technology: Emerging Legal Technology Can Make Clerkships Even Better
By Raffi Melkonian, Esquire—Page 26

Regular Features

Inn the News—Page 3
Profiles in ProfessionalismPage 23
Program SpotlightPage 27

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