The Bencher—March/April 2023

Law School Education

Feature Articles

The State of Legal Education in 2023
By Dean Michael H. Schwartz—Page 12
Legal Education from Consumer to Service Provider
By Dean Katharine T. Schaffzin—Page 14
How COVID-19 Changed Everything in Legal Education
By Hon. Deanell Reece Tacha—Page 16
Taking Charge of Your Education
By Professor Robert M. Wilcox—Page 19
A Time of Change in Legal Education
By Dean Cynthia E. Nance—Page 22
The Future of Diversity in Legal Education
By Dean Kevin R. Johnson—Page 25


Ethics: Can Judges Compliment Lawyers? The Practical Application of Professional Ethics
By Wendy L. Patrick, Esquire, PhDPage 11

Technology: Technology and Legal Education
By Chief Judge Michael K. NewellPage 30

Regular Features

Inn the News—Page 3
Profile in ProfessionalismPage 29
Program SpotlightPage31

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