The Bencher—September/October 2022

Elder Law

Feature Articles

Staying Ethical in Elder Law
By Jenna C. Jordan, Esq.—Page 26

Affording Long-term Care—Challenges for a Growing Population
By Cheri Wendt-Taczak, Esq.—Page 29

Collaborative Marriage Planning
By Joryn Jenkins, Esq.—Page 32

Additional Articles

Trailblazing President Sets Ambitious Goal
By Melanie Padgett Powers—Page 20

A Tribute to Justice Randy J. Holland
By Hon. William C. Koch Jr., Hon. Donald W. Lemons,
and Michael A. McConnell, Esq.—Page 22


Ethics: Delaware Supreme Court Clarifies Standard to Hold Individual in Contempt for Actions of Entity She Controls
By Francis G.X. Pileggi, Esq.—Page 25
Technology: The Technological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Elder Law Practices
By Jessica Melusky, Esq.—Page 38

Regular Features

Inn the News—Page 3
Profile in Professionalism—Page 37
Program Spotlight—Page 39

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