The Bencher—November/December 2022

Working with Witnesses

Feature Articles

Pointers and Perils of Working with Witnesses
By Thomas G. Wilkinson, Esq., and Rhonda M. Fulginiti, Esq.—Page 8

Witness Woes: How to Deal with Difficult Witnesses at Trial
By Judge David W. Lannetti and Jennifer L. Eaton, Esq.—Page 12

When the Key Witness Is a Former Employee: Ethical and Professional Considerations from a
Defense and Plaintiff’s Perspective

By Roman T. Galas, Esq., and Christopher J. Merrick, Esq.—Page 14

Lessons from ‘The Delaware Way’—Principles Governing Witness Interactions Before and While Testifying
By Valerie Caras, Esq.—Page 18


Ethics: Legal Ethics and Witnesses
By John P. Ratnaswamy, Esq. —Page 7

Technology: Don’t Sleep on PACER as a Tool for Legal Research
By Raffi Melkonian, Esq.—Page 22

Regular Features

Inn the News—Page 3
Profile in Professionalism—Page 21
Program Spotlight—Page 23

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