The Bencher—January/February 2022


Feature Articles

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Agreeing to Be a Mentee or a Mentor
By Judge David W. Lannetti and Jennifer L. Eaton, Esquire—Page 12

Are You My Mentor? A Reflection on 20 Years of Participation in the American Inns of Court
By Elizabeth S. Fenton, Esquire—Page 14

You Are Always Mentoring
By Raymond T. (Tom) Elligett Jr., Esquire and Amy S. Farrior, Esquire—Page 18

Mentoring During and After the COVID Era
By Leslie A.T. Haley, Esquire—Page 20

How Can I Help? Mentoring Lunches Help Shape Careers
By Judge John H. Pietrzak—Page 23

Online Only

Do I Really Need a Mentor? (Does the Sun Rise in the East?)
By Justice Douglas S. Lang, (Ret.)


Ethics: Resources for Judicial Ethics Research
By Francis G.X. Pileggi, Esquire—Page 9

Technology: Ransomware: How to Defend Your Law Firm
By Sharon D. Nelson, Esquire and John W. Simek—Page 26

Regular Features

Inn the News—Page 3
Profile in Professionalism—Page 25
Program Spotlight—Page 27

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