Bankruptcy Series: "Regional" Bundle (6 courses)
Bankruptcy Series: "Regional" Bundle (6 courses)
With the Regional bundle, you can choose up to 6 of the 11 bankruptcy programs at a 25% discount. Take the opportunity to learn about some new areas of the law, all while ensuring you meet your ethics credit requirements!
  • 1st Circuit: Using ADR in Commercial Disputes in Bankruptcy
  • 2nd Circuit: Transitioning to the Bankruptcy Bench: Staying Abreast of Professional Responsibilities
  • 3rd Circuit: Working Hard or Hardly Working? Ethical Issues in the Remote Law Practice
  • 4th Circuit: Pipe Down! Dealing with the Disruptive Party or Attorney
  • 5th & 11th Circuits: Ethical Concerns in Cross-Border Bankruptcy
  • 6th Circuit: How to Get Paid: Staying Current on Employment and Payment of Professionals
  • 7th Circuit: Duties and Ethical Responsibilities of Trustees
  • 8th Circuit: The Bankruptcy Appeals Process: How it Works and What it Means for Practitioners
  • 9th Circuit: Ethical Considerations of Dual Representation in Bankruptcy
  • 10th Circuit: One Toke Over the Bankruptcy Line: Current Trends and Rulings in Marijuana Related Cases
  • DC Circuit: Something Beats Nothing: Evidentiary Tips, Tricks and Reminders
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