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Much Ado About Mentoring
This video tackles a variety of mentoring aspects that will help you build and maintain more substantive mentoring relationships at your Inn. Whether you are starting a new mentoring program, looking to modernize your existing mentoring program, recruit and orient new mentors or mentees, or simply get more value out of your own mentoring relationships, this video will remind you of the basics that should be included or considered.
Based on an original program for the Greater Washingon Society of CPAs in October 2021.

Libby Bingham, CAE

Libby is the Director of Education and Mentoring Programs at the American Inns of Court.

Michelle Runge, CAE

Michelle is the Director of Chapter Relations for the Mid-Atlantic Region at the American Inns of Court (Including DC, DE, KY, MD, MI, OH, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV)