Is the Jury Out? The Jury Trial on Trial
The Sixth and Seventh Amendments have been indicted by the U.S. government - on charges that they are no longer necessary to the cause of justice in our modern times - and a host of historical and fictional figures will be summoned from the past to testify at the trial (from Solomon to Mona Lisa Vito). And you get to decide! By putting Jury Trials on trial, presenters used the adversarial system to draw out why jury trials are crucial, but also survey their flaws. Many issues relating to juries and jury trials were expounded, including the biases of some jurors; jury manipulation; juries bringing justice, even while faced with unjust laws and societal norms; and how a jury can come to the right conclusion, even when defendants are widely unpopular. Audience members then thoughtfully considered the ultimate question—should the jury system survive?—and vote “yes” or “no” at the end of the program.

Presented By: The Garland R. Walker American Inn of Court (30015)

Presented: March, 2023

Topic Areas: Jury Trials, Sixth Amendment, and Seventh Amendment

Materials: Script, Articles, Citations of Law, List of Questions, Handouts, PowerPoint Presentation and Video

CLE Approval: Approved

State: Texas

Hours: 1.0

2023 National Program Awards Placement: First Place

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