Toro Canyon Middle School Community Outreach Program
The focus of the project was to present current legal topics relevant to middle school students and to provide them with an introduction to the structure of the court, the staff and the judicial process. It was presented to over 300 students at a middle school that has very limited resources and gave the students an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the judicial system. The first day dealt with the courts, and Judge Klatcko provided a zoom tour of her courtroom with presentations given by each of her court staff as to their jobs and responsibilities in the courtroom. This was followed by an engaging discussion including a question and answer section. Day two began with a presentation on Kids and the Law. The presentation gave insight about the differences in rights and responsibilities of juveniles and what changes at the age of 18, including the right to vote and to serve on a jury. The second portion of the presentation was on speech limitations and restraints though criminal and civil harassment restraining orders. The discussion also focused on social media. On the last day the presentations were on cyber bullying, freedom of speech, limitations of speech and when speech becomes a crime. The students were able to interact with the presenters through a series of poll questions. Student responses were anonymous so it encouraged feedback and more candid responses.

Presented By: The Warren Slaughter Richard Roemer American Inn of Court (30305)

Presented: May, 2021

Topic Areas: Special Project, Cyber Bullying, Free Speech, DEI

Materials: PowerPoint Presentation

CLE Approval: N/A

State: California

Hours: N/A

2021 National Program Awards Placement: Best Special Project

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