When the Cobra Strikes: Civility, Balance, and INNer Peac...
When the Cobra Strikes: Civility, Balance, and INNer Peace in Remote Litigation When litigation goes remote, how do attorneys channel their Zen and practice with civility and efficiency? This program consisted of a short, pre-recorded video dramatizing a tortious act, and then transitioned to a live presentation showing the span of a civil matter from case management, through discovery, highlighting two depositions and a motion to compel. The parties' discovery showdown included everything from the good to the ugly, highlighting methods of litigating virtually in court and at deposition. The presentation had audience participation breaks throughout the program to engage the audience. By demonstrating how litigation can be highlighted on Zoom, hopefully this will encourage more attorneys to embrace and be more comfortable with using these tools in their practices. As an additional measure to keep the audience members’ attention, the program incorporated a bingo game – the presenters emailed customized Bingo cards to each registered participant, so that they would also be engaged in spotting thematic and Zoom-related issues.

Presented By: The Earl Warren American Inn of Court (30287)

Presented: January, 2020

Topic Areas: Civility, Remote Deposition, Technology and the Law, Virtual Advocacy

Materials: Script, Citations of Law, Handouts, and Video

CLE Approval: Approved

State: California

Hours: 1.0

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