Confidentiality and The Practice of Law in The Virtual World
Confidentiality and The Practice of Law in The Virtual World: Proof That Murphy Was Actually a Lawyer Zoom has become integral to many aspects of our lives, especially in the practice of law. By way of a humorous and engaging skit, this program dives into ethical sea of Zoom issues for legal practitioners. It highlighted the use of technology as now required by the California Rules of Professional Conduct, and a practitioner's requirement to be facile in new technology, and also specifically addressed the ethical considerations attendant to Zoom (and other platform) depositions and mediations, particularly the risks attendant to inadvertent disclosure, and failure to object (based on technology related and/or attorney failures). It also highlighted the ethical concerns of remote depositions by showcasing how a witness may subvert the pursuit of truth, and how lawyers may be seduced into inappropriate and potentially criminal and/or sanctionable conduct.

Presented By: The Anthony M. Kennedy American Inn of Court (30048)

Presented: May, 2021

Topic Areas: Legal Practice, Ethics, Zoom, Technology and the Law

Materials: Script, Citations of Law, List of Questions, Handouts, and Video

CLE Approval: Approved

State: California

Hours: 1.25

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