Hey Google, Can Alexa Tell Us How Siri . . .
P14091 Hey Google, Can Alexa Tell Us How Siri Would Get Social Media Into Evidence?: Gathering, Authenticating, and Admitting Social Media Evidence at Trial This presentation uses three segments to take attendees through the various stages of legal and evidentiary issues pertaining to social media evidence. Using live vignette sets, off-site pre-filming and live closing arguments, the audience is captivated by state court, federal court, criminal law and civil law principles used to address issues that all in attendance could relate to.

Presented By: Louis M. Welsh American Inn of Court (30009)

Presented: September, 2017

Topic Areas: Evidence, Social Media, Technology

Materials: Script, Articles, Citations, Fact Pattern, Video Recordings

CLE Approval: Approved

State: California

Hours: 1

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