Thank you to our donors!
The following individuals and organizations have generously donated to the Randy J. Holland Pegasus Scholarship Endowment.  Their financial support helps to ensure the ongoing support of the American Inns of Court Pegasus Scholarship program.  Thank you!
Pegasus Patron ($100,000 +)
There are no records.
Pegasus Fellow ($50,000 - $99,999)
There are no records.
Pegasus Circle ($25,000 - $49,999)
Blank Rome LLP
Blank Rome LLP 30000.0000
Dowd Bennett LLP
Dowd Bennett LLP 25000.0000
Just. James H. Coleman Jr. New Jersey Workers Compensation American Inn of Court
Just. James H. Coleman Jr. New Jersey Workers Compensation American Inn of Court 30000.0000
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters 35000.0000
Anthony B. Haller, Esq.
Anthony B. Haller, Esq.HALLER, ANTHONY26000.0000
Hon. Barbara M.G. Lynn
Hon. Barbara M.G. LynnLYNN, BARBARA25000.0000
Pegasus Sponsor ($10,000 - $24,999)
Abrams and Bayliss LLP
Abrams and Bayliss LLP 10000.0000
Baird Mandalas Brockstedt and Federico LLC
Baird Mandalas Brockstedt and Federico LLC 10000.0000
Cummins-Levenstein Charitable Foundation Inc
Cummins-Levenstein Charitable Foundation Inc 15000.0000
Morris James LLP
Morris James LLP 20000.0000
Petro Cohen, PC
Petro Cohen, PC 10000.0000
Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP
Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP 10000.0000
Prickett, Jones and Elliott PA
Prickett, Jones and Elliott PA 10000.0000
Richards Layton and Finger
Richards Layton and Finger 10000.0000
Ross Aronstam and Moritz LLP
Ross Aronstam and Moritz LLP 10000.0000
Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP
Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP 10000.0000
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Foundation
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Foundation 10000.0000
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP 10000.0000
Hon. William C. Koch, Jr.
Hon. William C. Koch, Jr.KOCH, WILLIAM10000.0000
Steven F. Molo, Esq.
Steven F. Molo, Esq.MOLO, STEVEN10000.0000
Frank A. Petro, Esq.
Frank A. Petro, Esq.PETRO, FRANK10000.0000
Hon. Arthur G. Scotland
Hon. Arthur G. ScotlandSCOTLAND, ARTHUR10000.0000
Hon. Collins J. Seitz, Jr.
Hon. Collins J. Seitz, Jr.SEITZ, COLLINS10000.0000
Kannon K. Shanmugam, Esq.
Kannon K. Shanmugam, Esq.SHANMUGAM, KANNON10000.0000
Pegasus Advocate ($5,000 - $9,999)
Ashby and Geddes, P.A.
Ashby and Geddes, P.A. 5000.0000
Chipman Brown Cicero and Cole LLP
Chipman Brown Cicero and Cole LLP 5000.0000
Heyman Enerio Gattuso and Hirzel LLP
Heyman Enerio Gattuso and Hirzel LLP 5000.0000
Kim J. Askew, Esq.
Kim J. Askew, Esq.ASKEW, KIM5000.0000
Cindy Dennis
Cindy DennisDENNIS, CINDY6500.0000
John M. DeStefano, III, Esq.
John M. DeStefano, III, Esq.DESTEFANO, JOHN5000.0000
Patrick C. Holvey, Esq.
Patrick C. Holvey, Esq.HOLVEY, PATRICK5000.0000
Jameson R. Jones, Esq.
Jameson R. Jones, Esq.JONES, JAMESON5000.0000
Jenness E. Parker, Esq.
Jenness E. Parker, Esq.PARKER, JENNESS5000.0000
Vern Schooley, Esq.
Vern Schooley, Esq.SCHOOLEY, VERN5000.0000
Marc J. Sonnenfeld, Esq.
Marc J. Sonnenfeld, Esq.SONNENFELD, MARC5000.0000
Pegasus Supporter ($1,000 - $ $4,999)
Faegre Drinker Foundation
Faegre Drinker Foundation 2000.0000
Honorable T. John Ward American Inn of Court
Honorable T. John Ward American Inn of Court 1500.0000
Tybout Redfearn and Pell
Tybout Redfearn and Pell 2500.0000
David W. Akridge
David W. AkridgeAKRIDGE, DAVID1000.0000
David J. Beck, Esq.
David J. Beck, Esq.BECK, DAVID1000.0000
Dean Lonnie T. Brown
Dean Lonnie T. BrownBROWN, LONNIE2000.0000
John J. Burke, Esq.
John J. Burke, Esq.BURKE, JOHN1000.0000
Ryan C. Cicoski, Esq.
Ryan C. Cicoski, Esq.CICOSKI, RYAN2630.0000
Henry M. (Hank) Coxe, III, Esq.
Henry M. (Hank) Coxe, III, Esq.COXE, HENRY1000.0000
Lynn D. Dowd, Esq.
Lynn D. Dowd, Esq.DOWD, LYNN1000.0000
Malinda E. Dunn, BG, USA (Ret.)
Malinda E. Dunn, BG, USA (Ret.)DUNN, MALINDA1000.0000
Tyler J. Garrett, Esq.
Tyler J. Garrett, Esq.GARRETT, TYLER3000.0000
Kevin R. Gingras, Esq.
Kevin R. Gingras, Esq.GINGRAS, KEVIN2000.0000
Hon. Steven D. Grimberg
Hon. Steven D. GrimbergGRIMBERG, STEVEN1000.0000
Hon. Kent A. Jordan
Hon. Kent A. JordanJORDAN, KENT1000.0000
Suzanne M. Judas
Suzanne M. JudasJUDAS, SUZANNE1000.0000
Hon. Barbara Savitt Pearson, Ret.
Hon. Barbara Savitt Pearson, Ret.PEARSON, BARBARA1500.0000
Stephanie E. Sowell, Esq.
Stephanie E. Sowell, Esq.SOWELL, STEPHANIE2500.0000
Anita F. Steenson, Esq.
Anita F. Steenson, Esq.STEENSON, ANITA2850.0000
Patricia O. Vella, Esq.
Patricia O. Vella, Esq.VELLA, PATRICIA2500.0000
Matthew C. Zorn, Esq.
Matthew C. Zorn, Esq.ZORN, MATTHEW1000.0000
Pegasus Contributor (Up to $999)
Sergovic Carmean Weidman McCartney and Owens PA
Sergovic Carmean Weidman McCartney and Owens PA 250.0000
The John and Deannell Tacha Family Fund of Douglas County Community Foundation
The John and Deannell Tacha Family Fund of Douglas County Community Foundation 500.0000
David A. Benfield, Esq.
David A. Benfield, Esq.BENFIELD, DAVID500.0000
Christine M. Durham
Christine M. DurhamDURHAM, CHRISTINE100.0000
Jeffrey Golden
Jeffrey GoldenGOLDEN, JEFFREY100.0000
Edward Hickey
Edward HickeyHICKEY, EDWARD700.0000
Maura L. Hughes, Esq.
Maura L. Hughes, Esq.HUGHES, MAURA250.0000
Wayne T. Kistner, Esq.
Wayne T. Kistner, Esq.KISTNER, WAYNE300.0000
Hon. Cheryl Ann Krause
Hon. Cheryl Ann KrauseKRAUSE, CHERYL50.0000
Sandra L. Lascari, Esq.
Sandra L. Lascari, Esq.LASCARI, SANDRA300.0000
Kristen A. Lee, Esq.
Kristen A. Lee, Esq.LEE, KRISTEN20.0000
Larissa Lee, Esq.
Larissa Lee, Esq.LEE, LARISSA250.0000
Matthew C. Miller, VI, Esq.
Matthew C. Miller, VI, Esq.MILLER, MATTHEW100.0000
Edward W. Mullins, Jr., Esq.
Edward W. Mullins, Jr., Esq.MULLINS, EDWARD250.0000
Catherine Ongiri, Esq.
Catherine Ongiri, Esq.ONGIRI, CATHERINE100.0000
Isaac D. Paxman, Esq.
Isaac D. Paxman, Esq.PAXMAN, ISAAC250.0000
Jason Reisman, Esq.
Jason Reisman, Esq.REISMAN, JASON100.0000
Hon. Henry duPont Ridgely
Hon. Henry duPont RidgelyRIDGELY, HENRY500.0000
Paula T. Ryan, Esq.
Paula T. Ryan, Esq.RYAN, PAULA300.0000
Lisa M. Sharp, Esq.
Lisa M. Sharp, Esq.SHARP, LISA50.0000
David W. Simon, Esq.
David W. Simon, Esq.SIMON, DAVID350.0000
Scarlet R. Smith, Esq.
Scarlet R. Smith, Esq.SMITH, SCARLET250.0000
Hon. Emily E. Vasquez
Hon. Emily E. VasquezVASQUEZ, EMILY50.0000
Prof. Robert K. Walsh
Prof. Robert K. WalshWALSH, ROBERT300.0000