Thank you to our donors!
The following individuals and organizations have generously donated to the Howard T. Markey Endowment Fund .  Their financial support helps to ensure the ongoing support for many of our key programs, including promoting Inn growth, national awards, and the AIC Professionalism Awards.  Thank you!
American Inns of Court Honor Society ($500,000 and above)
Lexis Nexis
Lexis Nexis 500000.0000
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters 543305.8800
American Inns of Court Leadership Fellows ($250,000 - $499,999)
There are no records.
American Inns of Court Mission Fellows ($100,000 - $249,999)
Navigant Consulting
Navigant Consulting 100000.0000
Warren E. Burger Fellows ($50,000 - $99,999)
Justice James H. Coleman Jr. New Jersey Workers' Compensation American Inn
Justice James H. Coleman Jr. New Jersey Workers' Compensation American Inn 80000.0000
Molo Lamken LLP
Molo Lamken LLP 50000.0000
James F. Bennett, Esq.
James F. Bennett, Esq.BENNETT, JAMES50000.0000
Prof. Sherman L. Cohn
Prof. Sherman L. CohnCOHN, SHERMAN50000.0000
Anthony B. Haller, Esq.
Anthony B. Haller, Esq.HALLER, ANTHONY76000.0000
Frank A. Petro, Esq.
Frank A. Petro, Esq.PETRO, FRANK50000.0000
Howard T. Markey Fellows ($25,000 - $49,999)
Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP
Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP 25000.0000
Cummins-Levenstein Charitable Foundation Inc
Cummins-Levenstein Charitable Foundation Inc 30500.0000
Dowd Bennett LLP
Dowd Bennett LLP 25000.0000
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP 33500.0000
Piedmont Charitable Foundation Inc
Piedmont Charitable Foundation Inc 40000.0000
Seth Goldberg, Esq.
Seth Goldberg, Esq.GOLDBERG, SETH45000.0000
Hon. William C. Koch, Jr.
Hon. William C. Koch, Jr.KOCH, WILLIAM45000.0000
Hon. Barbara M.G. Lynn
Hon. Barbara M.G. LynnLYNN, BARBARA26500.0000
Vern Schooley, Esq.
Vern Schooley, Esq.SCHOOLEY, VERN30189.7500
Hon. Kenneth W. Starr
Hon. Kenneth W. StarrSTARR, KENNETH25000.0000
A. Sherman Christensen Fellows ($10,000 - $24,999)
Abrams and Bayliss LLP
Abrams and Bayliss LLP 10000.0000
American Bar Endowment
American Bar Endowment 10000.0000
Baird Mandalas Brockstedt and Federico LLC
Baird Mandalas Brockstedt and Federico LLC 10000.0000
Baker & McKenzie Foundation
Baker & McKenzie Foundation 10000.0000
Blank Rome LLP
Blank Rome LLP 10000.0000
Carrington Coleman Sloman Blumenthal LLP
Carrington Coleman Sloman Blumenthal LLP 10250.0000
Mike and Barbara Lynn Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundati
Mike and Barbara Lynn Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundati 17850.0000
Morris James LLP
Morris James LLP 20000.0000
Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP
Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP 10000.0000
Prickett, Jones and Elliott PA
Prickett, Jones and Elliott PA 10000.0000
Richards Layton and Finger
Richards Layton and Finger 10000.0000
Ross Aronstam and Moritz LLP
Ross Aronstam and Moritz LLP 10000.0000
Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP
Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP 10000.0000
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Foundation
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Foundation 10000.0000
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP 10000.0000
Hon. Thomas L. Ambro
Hon. Thomas L. AmbroAMBRO, THOMAS15177.4000
Walter H. Bithell, Esq.
Walter H. Bithell, Esq.BITHELL, WALTER22500.0000
Kevin F. Brady, Esq.
Kevin F. Brady, Esq.BRADY, KEVIN10000.0000
Frank L. Branson, Esq.
Frank L. Branson, Esq.BRANSON, FRANK10000.0000
Richard J. Collier, Esq.
Richard J. Collier, Esq.COLLIER, RICHARD10000.0000
Charles H. Dick, Jr., Esq.
Charles H. Dick, Jr., Esq.DICK, CHARLES10100.0000
Roosevelt Hairston, Jr., Esq.
Roosevelt Hairston, Jr., Esq.HAIRSTON, ROOSEVELT10000.0000
Hon. Randy J. Holland
Hon. Randy J. HollandHOLLAND, RANDY10000.0000
Thomas C. Leighton, Esq.
Thomas C. Leighton, Esq.LEIGHTON, THOMAS11224.0700
Patrick M. McLaughlin, Esq.
Patrick M. McLaughlin, Esq.MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK10000.0000
Steven F. Molo, Esq.
Steven F. Molo, Esq.MOLO, STEVEN10000.0000
William G. Paul, Esq.
William G. Paul, Esq.PAUL, WILLIAM10000.0000
William R. Peterson, Esq.
William R. Peterson, Esq.PETERSON, WILLIAM13500.0000
Kurt P. Sanford, Esq.
Kurt P. Sanford, Esq.SANFORD, KURT20000.0000
Richard A. Schwartz, Esq.
Richard A. Schwartz, Esq.SCHWARTZ, RICHARD10000.0000
Hon. Arthur G. Scotland
Hon. Arthur G. ScotlandSCOTLAND, ARTHUR10000.0000
Hon. Collins J. Seitz, Jr.
Hon. Collins J. Seitz, Jr.SEITZ, COLLINS10000.0000
Kannon K. Shanmugam, Esq.
Kannon K. Shanmugam, Esq.SHANMUGAM, KANNON10300.0000
Marc J. Sonnenfeld, Esq.
Marc J. Sonnenfeld, Esq.SONNENFELD, MARC17500.0000
Hon. Deanell Reece Tacha
Hon. Deanell Reece TachaTACHA, DEANELL10000.0000
Andrew R. Turner, Esq.
Andrew R. Turner, Esq.TURNER, ANDREW10000.0000
Prof. Robert K. Walsh
Prof. Robert K. WalshWALSH, ROBERT12400.0000
Sherman L. Cohn President's Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)
Ashby and Geddes, P.A.
Ashby and Geddes, P.A. 5000.0000
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP 5000.0000
Chipman Brown Cicero and Cole LLP
Chipman Brown Cicero and Cole LLP 5000.0000
ExxonMobil 7000.0000
Heyman Enerio Gattuso and Hirzel LLP
Heyman Enerio Gattuso and Hirzel LLP 5000.0000
Hon. J. Clifford Wallace American Inn of Court
Hon. J. Clifford Wallace American Inn of Court 5000.0000
Judge John M. Manos American Inn of Court
Judge John M. Manos American Inn of Court 5000.0000
Prettyman-Leventhal American Inn of Court
Prettyman-Leventhal American Inn of Court 6867.8600
Scott M. Matheson Sr. American Inn of Court
Scott M. Matheson Sr. American Inn of Court 5846.3000
Terry Carey American Inn of Court
Terry Carey American Inn of Court 6500.0000
Vinson & Elkins LLP
Vinson & Elkins LLP 5000.0000
William "Mac" Taylor American Inn of Court
William "Mac" Taylor American Inn of Court 9000.0000
Chris W. Altenbernd, Esq.
Chris W. Altenbernd, Esq.ALTENBERND, CHRIS5000.0000
Kim J. Askew, Esq.
Kim J. Askew, Esq.ASKEW, KIM5500.0000
Leo Bearman, Jr., Esq.
Leo Bearman, Jr., Esq.BEARMAN, LEO6000.0000
David P. Carey, Esq.
David P. Carey, Esq.CAREY, DAVID8665.7000
Hon. John L. Carroll
Hon. John L. CarrollCARROLL, JOHN7000.0000
W. Thompson Comerford, Jr., Esq.
W. Thompson Comerford, Jr., Esq.COMERFORD, W. THOMPSON5000.0000
Cindy Dennis
Cindy DennisDENNIS, CINDY5000.0000
Prof. R. Lawrence Dessem, Dean Emeritus
Prof. R. Lawrence Dessem, Dean EmeritusDESSEM, R. LAWRENCE5000.0000
John M. DeStefano, III, Esq.
John M. DeStefano, III, Esq.DESTEFANO, JOHN6500.0000
Hon. Robinson O. Everett
Hon. Robinson O. EverettEVERETT, ROBINSON8000.0000
Richard M. Gelb, Esq.
Richard M. Gelb, Esq.GELB, RICHARD5000.0000
Robert S. Gerber, Esq.
Robert S. Gerber, Esq.GERBER, ROBERT5000.0000
Patrick C. Holvey, Esq.
Patrick C. Holvey, Esq.HOLVEY, PATRICK5000.0000
Mariam T. Hopkins, Esq.
Mariam T. Hopkins, Esq.HOPKINS, MARIAM5000.0000
Kim M. Hunter, Esq.
Kim M. Hunter, Esq.HUNTER, KIM5000.0000
Jameson R. Jones, Esq.
Jameson R. Jones, Esq.JONES, JAMESON5000.0000
Dirk M. Jordan, Esq.
Dirk M. Jordan, Esq.JORDAN, DIRK5000.0000
Hon. Kent A. Jordan
Hon. Kent A. JordanJORDAN, KENT7500.0000
Hon. Douglas S. Lang
Hon. Douglas S. LangLANG, DOUGLAS5000.0000
Mick Lerner, Esq.
Mick Lerner, Esq.LERNER, MICK5000.0000
Richard H. Levenstein, Esq.
Richard H. Levenstein, Esq.LEVENSTEIN, RICHARD9000.0000
Hon. Hugh Maddox
Hon. Hugh MaddoxMADDOX, HUGH5000.0000
Hon. Jon Phipps McCalla
Hon. Jon Phipps McCallaMCCALLA, JON5000.0000
Michael A. McConnell, Esq.
Michael A. McConnell, Esq.MCCONNELL, MICHAEL5000.0000
Jan Michelsen, Esq.
Jan Michelsen, Esq.MICHELSEN, JAN5000.0000
Harriet E. Miers, Esq.
Harriet E. Miers, Esq.MIERS, HARRIET5000.0000
Judy Hamilton Morse, Esq.
Judy Hamilton Morse, Esq.MORSE, JUDY5000.0000
Jenness E. Parker, Esq.
Jenness E. Parker, Esq.PARKER, JENNESS5000.0000
Lee S. Richards, III, Esq.
Lee S. Richards, III, Esq.RICHARDS, LEE5000.0000
Hon. Henry duPont Ridgely
Hon. Henry duPont RidgelyRIDGELY, HENRY5500.0000
Hon. Julie Ann Robinson
Hon. Julie Ann RobinsonROBINSON, JULIE5000.0000
Mary Beth L. Sweeney, Esq.
Mary Beth L. Sweeney, Esq.SWEENEY, MARY BETH5000.0000
Hon. Peter D. Webster
Hon. Peter D. WebsterWEBSTER, PETER5000.0000
Stephanie J. Zane, Esq.
Stephanie J. Zane, Esq.ZANE, STEPHANIE5000.0000
Benefactors ($1,000 - $4,999)
Albany Law School American Inn of Court
Albany Law School American Inn of Court 1465.1800
Anthony M. Kennedy American Inn of Court
Anthony M. Kennedy American Inn of Court 1000.0000
Earl E. O'Connor American Inn of Court
Earl E. O'Connor American Inn of Court 1000.0000
Faegre Drinker Foundation
Faegre Drinker Foundation 2000.0000
Fowler White Boggs Banker PA
Fowler White Boggs Banker PA 2000.0000
Gibson Dunn and Crutcher LLP
Gibson Dunn and Crutcher LLP 2000.0000
Hon. Robert J. Bryan American Inn of Court
Hon. Robert J. Bryan American Inn of Court 1792.5000
Honorable T. John Ward American Inn of Court
Honorable T. John Ward American Inn of Court 1500.0000
Judge Hugh Means American Inn of Court
Judge Hugh Means American Inn of Court 2500.0000
Kentucky Bar Association
Kentucky Bar Association 1000.0000
Kramer, Sopko & Levenstein, PA
Kramer, Sopko & Levenstein, PA 1000.0000
Nashville School of Law
Nashville School of Law 1000.0000
Peter M. Elliott American Inn of Court
Peter M. Elliott American Inn of Court 1359.6400
Richard & Ruth Lavine Family Foundation
Richard & Ruth Lavine Family Foundation 1400.0000
Susman Godfrey LLP
Susman Godfrey LLP 2500.0000
Thomas S. Forkin Family Law American Inn of Court
Thomas S. Forkin Family Law American Inn of Court 1700.0000
Tybout Redfearn and Pell
Tybout Redfearn and Pell 2500.0000
Mary Ann Aiello, Esq.
Mary Ann Aiello, Esq.AIELLO, MARY ANN1000.0000
David W. Akridge
David W. AkridgeAKRIDGE, DAVID1000.0000
Hon. Scott Bales
Hon. Scott BalesBALES, SCOTT1200.0000
David J. Beck, Esq.
David J. Beck, Esq.BECK, DAVID2000.0000
Hon. Susan H. Black
Hon. Susan H. BlackBLACK, SUSAN1000.0000
Dean Lonnie T. Brown
Dean Lonnie T. BrownBROWN, LONNIE2000.0000
Dawn Ryan Budner
Dawn Ryan BudnerBUDNER, DAWN1000.0000
John J. Burke, Esq.
John J. Burke, Esq.BURKE, JOHN1000.0000
Ryan C. Cicoski, Esq.
Ryan C. Cicoski, Esq.CICOSKI, RYAN1600.0000
Mary Kate Coleman, Esq.
Mary Kate Coleman, Esq.COLEMAN, MARY KATE1600.0000
Erin Nealy Cox, Esq.
Erin Nealy Cox, Esq.COX, ERIN1000.0000
Henry M. (Hank) Coxe, III, Esq.
Henry M. (Hank) Coxe, III, Esq.COXE, HENRY1000.0000
William B. Dawson, Esq.
William B. Dawson, Esq.DAWSON, WILLIAM1000.0000
Marsha E. Devine, Esq.
Marsha E. Devine, Esq.DEVINE, MARSHA1250.0000
Lynn D. Dowd, Esq.
Lynn D. Dowd, Esq.DOWD, LYNN1250.0000
Malinda E. Dunn, BG, USA (Ret.)
Malinda E. Dunn, BG, USA (Ret.)DUNN, MALINDA1000.0000
John C. Eichman, Esq.
John C. Eichman, Esq.EICHMAN, JOHN1000.0000
Stephen L. Elliott
Stephen L. ElliottELLIOTT, STEPHEN1000.0000
Tyler J. Garrett, Esq.
Tyler J. Garrett, Esq.GARRETT, TYLER2000.0000
Kevin R. Gingras, Esq.
Kevin R. Gingras, Esq.GINGRAS, KEVIN2000.0000
Hon. Steven D. Grimberg
Hon. Steven D. GrimbergGRIMBERG, STEVEN1000.0000
Jill Guernsey, Esq.
Jill Guernsey, Esq.GUERNSEY, JILL2500.0000
Jorge Gutierrez
Jorge GutierrezGUTIERREZ, JORGE1500.0000
Tom Hall, Jr.
Tom Hall, Jr.HALL, TOM1001.0000
Hon. Gary Ellis Hicks
Hon. Gary Ellis HicksHICKS, GARY2500.0000
Charles C. Jordan
Charles C. JordanJORDAN, CHARLES1500.0000
Suzanne M. Judas
Suzanne M. JudasJUDAS, SUZANNE1000.0000
Margaret E. Keane, Esq.
Margaret E. Keane, Esq.KEANE, MARGARET1000.0000
Donald G. Kempf, Jr., Esq.
Donald G. Kempf, Jr., Esq.KEMPF, DONALD3000.0000
Peter M. Koski, Esq.
Peter M. Koski, Esq.KOSKI, PETER1000.0000
Peter Kraus
Peter KrausKRAUS, PETER1000.0000
Monica Wiseman Latin, Esq.
Monica Wiseman Latin, Esq.LATIN, MONICA2500.0000
Hon. Ivan L.R. Lemelle
Hon. Ivan L.R. LemelleLEMELLE, IVAN2100.0000
Hon. Donald W. Lemons, Senior Justice
Hon. Donald W. Lemons, Senior JusticeLEMONS, DONALD2500.0000
Brian Monis Lidji
Brian Monis LidjiLIDJI, BRIAN2500.0000
L. D. Louis, Esq.
L. D. Louis, Esq.LOUIS, L. D.2000.0000
Luke Madole, Esq.
Luke Madole, Esq.MADOLE, LUKE2000.0000
Regina Snow Mandl, Esq.
Regina Snow Mandl, Esq.MANDL, REGINA2500.0000
Hon. Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Hon. Vicki Miles-LaGrangeMILES-LAGRANGE, VICKI1200.0000
Hon. Fred K. Morrison
Hon. Fred K. MorrisonMORRISON, FRED1500.0000
Edward W. Mullins, Jr., Esq.
Edward W. Mullins, Jr., Esq.MULLINS, EDWARD1000.0000
Brian J. Murray, Esq.
Brian J. Murray, Esq.MURRAY, BRIAN1000.0000
Terrell W. Oxford, Esq.
Terrell W. Oxford, Esq.OXFORD, TERRELL1250.0000
Hon. Barbara Savitt Pearson, Ret.
Hon. Barbara Savitt Pearson, Ret.PEARSON, BARBARA4000.0000
David Radunsky, Esq.
David Radunsky, Esq.RADUNSKY, DAVID2000.0000
Harry M. Reasoner, Esq.
Harry M. Reasoner, Esq.REASONER, HARRY1000.0000
Charles B. Renfrew, Esq.
Charles B. Renfrew, Esq.RENFREW, CHARLES1000.0000
Darcy Ribman
Darcy RibmanRIBMAN, DARCY1000.0000
Richard Sayles, Esq.
Richard Sayles, Esq.SAYLES, RICHARD1000.0000
Prof. Steven J. Schmidt
Prof. Steven J. SchmidtSCHMIDT, STEVEN2520.0000
Hon. Mary M. Schroeder
Hon. Mary M. SchroederSCHROEDER, MARY2000.0000
Ann Taylor Schwing, Esq.
Ann Taylor Schwing, Esq.SCHWING, ANN1000.0000
Lisa M. Sharp, Esq.
Lisa M. Sharp, Esq.SHARP, LISA1000.0000
Lewis R. Sifford, Esq.
Lewis R. Sifford, Esq.SIFFORD, LEWIS1000.0000
Stephanie E. Sowell, Esq.
Stephanie E. Sowell, Esq.SOWELL, STEPHANIE2500.0000
Hon. Carl E. Stewart
Hon. Carl E. StewartSTEWART, CARL2000.0000
Alan L. Sullivan, Esq.
Alan L. Sullivan, Esq.SULLIVAN, ALAN2000.0000
Stephen D. Susman, Esq.
Stephen D. Susman, Esq.SUSMAN, STEPHEN1250.0000
Matthew J. Sweeney, III, Esq.
Matthew J. Sweeney, III, Esq.SWEENEY, MATTHEW1000.0000
Hon. Joan Synenberg
Hon. Joan SynenbergSYNENBERG, JOAN2500.0000
Patricia O. Vella, Esq.
Patricia O. Vella, Esq.VELLA, PATRICIA2500.0000
Ben J. Weaver, Esq.
Ben J. Weaver, Esq.WEAVER, BEN4000.0000
Craig Weinlein
Craig WeinleinWEINLEIN, CRAIG1500.0000
John Hardin Young, Esq.
John Hardin Young, Esq.YOUNG, JOHN1000.0000
Matthew C. Zorn, Esq.
Matthew C. Zorn, Esq.ZORN, MATTHEW1000.0000
Donors (Up to $999)
American College of Trust and Estate Counsel
American College of Trust and Estate Counsel 250.0000
C. H. Ferguson-M. E. White American Inn of Court
C. H. Ferguson-M. E. White American Inn of Court 500.0000
Crossroads American Inn of Court of Alexandria-Pineville
Crossroads American Inn of Court of Alexandria-Pineville 100.0000
Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore LLP
Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore LLP 35.0000
Richard T. Oakes American Inn of Court
Richard T. Oakes American Inn of Court 555.8100
Rule of Law Foundation
Rule of Law Foundation 500.0000
Sergovic Carmean Weidman McCartney and Owens PA
Sergovic Carmean Weidman McCartney and Owens PA 250.0000
The John and Deannell Tacha Family Fund of Douglas County Community Foundation
The John and Deannell Tacha Family Fund of Douglas County Community Foundation 500.0000
Wiley Rein LLP
Wiley Rein LLP 650.0000
Rodney Acker, Esq.
Rodney Acker, Esq.ACKER, RODNEY500.0000
Anthony W. Black, Esq.
Anthony W. Black, Esq.BLACK, ANTHONY250.0000
John M. Bradley, Esq.
John M. Bradley, Esq.BRADLEY, JOHN400.0000
Neil R. Burger
Neil R. BurgerBURGER, NEIL100.0000
Ken & Tricia Carroll
Ken & Tricia CarrollCARROLL, KEN & TRICIA500.0000
Otis Carroll, Esq.
Otis Carroll, Esq.CARROLL, OTIS500.0000
Katayoun A. Donnelly, Esq.
Katayoun A. Donnelly, Esq.DONNELLY, KATAYOUN300.0000
Hon. Christine M. Durham
Hon. Christine M. DurhamDURHAM, CHRISTINE50.0000
Al Ellis, Esq.
Al Ellis, Esq.ELLIS, AL100.0000
John Estes
John EstesESTES, JOHN250.0000
Hon. Sidney A. Fitzwater
Hon. Sidney A. FitzwaterFITZWATER, SIDNEY500.0000
Jim L. Flegle, Esq.
Jim L. Flegle, Esq.FLEGLE, JIM500.0000
Jeffrey Golden
Jeffrey GoldenGOLDEN, JEFFREY100.0000
Stephen A. Goodwin, Esq.
Stephen A. Goodwin, Esq.GOODWIN, STEPHEN200.0000
Don R. Hanmer
Don R. HanmerHANMER, DON250.0000
Hon. Catharina Haynes
Hon. Catharina HaynesHAYNES, CATHARINA100.0000
Edward Hickey
Edward HickeyHICKEY, EDWARD700.0000
Kelli M. Hinson, Esq.
Kelli M. Hinson, Esq.HINSON, KELLI200.0000
Michael K. Hurst, Esq.
Michael K. Hurst, Esq.HURST, MICHAEL500.0000
Coyt Johnston, Esq.
Coyt Johnston, Esq.JOHNSTON, COYT500.0000
Prof. Mike Kautsch
Prof. Mike KautschKAUTSCH, MIKE100.0000
Wayne T. Kistner, Esq.
Wayne T. Kistner, Esq.KISTNER, WAYNE300.0000
Jennie Knapp
Jennie KnappKNAPP, JENNIE250.0000
Hon. Cheryl Ann Krause
Hon. Cheryl Ann KrauseKRAUSE, CHERYL50.0000
George M. Kryder, III, Esq.
George M. Kryder, III, Esq.KRYDER, GEORGE500.0000
Sandra L. Lascari, Esq.
Sandra L. Lascari, Esq.LASCARI, SANDRA200.0000
Kristen A. Lee, Esq.
Kristen A. Lee, Esq.LEE, KRISTEN20.0000
D. Patrick Long, Esq.
D. Patrick Long, Esq.LONG, D. PATRICK250.0000
John A. Martin, Esq.
John A. Martin, Esq.MARTIN, JOHN500.0000
Stephen J. Matcha, Esq.
Stephen J. Matcha, Esq.MATCHA, STEPHEN30.0000
Michael L. McCoy
Michael L. McCoyMCCOY, MICHAEL500.0000
Jennifer Evans Morris, Esq.
Jennifer Evans Morris, Esq.MORRIS, JENNIFER500.0000
Lonny D. Morrison
Lonny D. MorrisonMORRISON, LONNY500.0000
Cheryl Murray, Esq.
Cheryl Murray, Esq.MURRAY, CHERYL100.0000
Debran L. O'Neil, Esq.
Debran L. O'Neil, Esq.O'NEIL, DEBRAN150.0000
Janet S. Page
Janet S. PagePAGE, JANET650.0000
Hon. Pamela L. Reeves
Hon. Pamela L. ReevesREEVES, PAMELA500.0000
Jason Reisman, Esq.
Jason Reisman, Esq.REISMAN, JASON100.0000
Rodolfo Rodriguez, Jr., Esq.
Rodolfo Rodriguez, Jr., Esq.RODRIGUEZ, RODOLFO250.0000
Young-Jun Roh, Esq.
Young-Jun Roh, Esq.ROH, YOUNG-JUN500.0000
Richard Alexander Rohan
Richard Alexander RohanROHAN, RICHARD500.0000
Charmaine Cheung Rose, Esq.
Charmaine Cheung Rose, Esq.ROSE, CHARMAINE200.0000
Paula T. Ryan, Esq.
Paula T. Ryan, Esq.RYAN, PAULA300.0000
Christopher J. Schwegmann, Esq.
Christopher J. Schwegmann, Esq.SCHWEGMANN, CHRISTOPHER500.0000
Brian Shaw, Esq.
Brian Shaw, Esq.SHAW, BRIAN300.0000
Jonathan H. Shoup, Esq.
Jonathan H. Shoup, Esq.SHOUP, JONATHAN50.0000
David W. Simon, Esq.
David W. Simon, Esq.SIMON, DAVID350.0000
Neil Singh, Esq.
Neil Singh, Esq.SINGH, NEIL1.0000
Barry Sorrels, Esq.
Barry Sorrels, Esq.SORRELS, BARRY500.0000
Dena DeNooyer Stroh, Esq.
Dena DeNooyer Stroh, Esq.STROH, DENA200.0000
Kenneth R. Thompson, II, Esq.
Kenneth R. Thompson, II, Esq.THOMPSON, KENNETH500.0000
Robert C. Walters, Esq.
Robert C. Walters, Esq.WALTERS, ROBERT500.0000
Hon. T. John Ward, Jr.
Hon. T. John Ward, Jr.WARD, T. JOHN750.0000
Mark S. Werbner, Esq.
Mark S. Werbner, Esq.WERBNER, MARK500.0000
Hon. Lee Yeakel
Hon. Lee YeakelYEAKEL, LEE500.0000
Andrew T. Young
Andrew T. YoungYOUNG, ANDREW225.0000