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American Inns of Court Pegasus Scholarships
in honor of
The Honorable Randy J. Holland

The Honorable Randy J. Holland, formerly of the Delaware Supreme Court, was an icon in the American Inns of Court movement until his death in 2022. Not only was he one of our most influential leaders, but equally important, he epitomized those core qualities that distinguish our organization as the leading professional organization dedicated to practicing American jurisprudence at its highest professional level. We owe Holland a great debt of gratitude and utmost respect for his enormous contributions to the American Inns of Court. 

We now seek to endow the American Inns of Court Pegasus Scholarship  in honor of Justice Holland with these goals:

  • Provide an exceptional educational experience to the two young American Inns of Court scholars who travel to England annually.
  • Provide an outstanding educational opportunity for the American Inns of Court that host the British Pegasus scholars in the United States each year.
  • Strengthen the rule of law and build stronger ties between the two great common law nations.
  • Ensure that the Pegasus Scholarship exchange continues in perpetuity and that the principles in which Holland so firmly believed are upheld for years to come.

About Justice Randy J. Holland

Prior to his death in 2022, Justice Randy J. Holland was a longstanding supporter of international cultural and legal exchange—with a special fondness for the American-English connection. Firm in his belief that no understanding of the American legal system is complete without a working knowledge of the English legal system, Justice Holland wrote and co-authored several books devoted to that principle. He participated regularly in “cross-pond” legal exchanges, and was one of very few Americans designated as an Honorary Master of the Bench by The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, one of the four English Inns of Court.

As president of the American Inns of Court from 2000 to 2004, and in the many years that followed, Holland enthusiastically backed the Pegasus Scholarship  program. He wrote countless letters of recommendation, worked to ensure that British barristers and American Pegasus scholars had a premier educational experience, and wholeheartedly supported the program.

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