Pegasus Scholarship Exchange Program for Young Lawyers

The American Inns of Court is pleased to offer a valuable experience to talented young American lawyers. Through cooperation with the Pegasus Scholarship Trust, two American Inns of Court members travel to London, England, for four to six weeks to study the English legal system beginning September 28, 2025. All members admitted to the bar for at least two years, but not more than seven years, are encouraged to apply for this “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

The History

In 1987, The Right Honourable The Lord Goff of Chieveley formed the Pegasus Scholarship Trust to allow young English barristers to travel abroad and young lawyers from other countries to travel to England to learn about each others’ legal systems. “The Pegasus scholarship scheme makes it possible for gifted young lawyers—the future leaders of their profession—to learn about the practical working of the common law system in countries other than their own and to form enduring links with lawyers in those countries,” Lord Goff noted. In 1990, he traveled to the annual meeting of the American Inns of Court to announce that the Trust would expand to include an exchange program with young members of the American Inns of Court. The first American scholars went to England in February 1991. Each year, two members of the American Inns of Court travel to England and young English barristers travel to America. Returning American scholars have described the program as “a priceless opportunity” and “a fascinating walk through the history of [the English] legal system.”

The Experience

While details of the exchange program differ each year, the scholarship is designed to provide an intensive, six-week introduction to the English legal system.  Pegasus Scholars meet judges and barristers, observe trial preparation, observe argument and court proceedings, learn about the relationship between barristers and solicitors, learn how barristers’ chambers operate, and gain an understanding of the English legal education system. Scholars learn that solicitors do much of the trial preparation, including interviewing witnesses and helping to draft court submissions. Solicitors earn their keep in the office, while the barristers’ office is the courtroom.  For lawyers used to the typical American courtroom, observing trial practice in England is an eye-opening experience. 

In addition to time spent with barristers, activities are arranged to help round out the scholars’ English experience. In the past, the trust has made arrangements for scholars to observe proceedings of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the Privy Counsel, the Old Bailey, the Royal Courts of Justice, and Magistrate’s Courts, followed by a discussion of the proceedings with the justice, judge or magistrate, as the case may be. Scholars have dined at the Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Gray’s Inn. They have observed classes at the School of Law. Scholars have toured courts in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and they have traveled to Cambridge and Oxford to meet with students and professors. Reports written by past scholars detailing their experiences while on scholarship are available on our website.

Scholar Duties and Responsibilities

Scholars serve as ambassadors of the American Inns of Court and the American legal profession. In that role, they must commit to full and active participation in both the educational and social activities associated with the four to six week scholarship.

Upon returning to the United States, scholars must submit a written report to the American Inns of Court detailing their experiences during the program.

Travel, Accommodations, and Stipend

The American Inns of Court provides lodging as well as a modest stipend sufficient for meals, flight, and public transportation. Typically, the scholars share a “flat” in London.

Extracurricular Activities

Pegasus scholars have a rare opportunity to live and learn in dynamic London. They can walk the grounds of the Inner and Middle Temple, where Sir Edward Coke kept his chambers in 1572 and Sir William Blackstone kept his chambers in 1765. They can tour the Inner Temple Gardens, learn about the origin of the War of the Roses in 1430, and dine in the Middle Temple Hall, where Shakespeare gave the first presentation of Twelfth Night in 1601.

Most evenings and weekends are free for scholars to do as they please. The scholars become student members of the Inner Temple and have access to the facilities there, including the student pub, a popular after-work meeting place. Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of the rich night life in London, including outings to the theater, symphony, and cinema. The opportunities for weekend activities are endless and may include museums, parks, or trips to the countryside. Scholars are reminded, however, that their primary duty is to their scholarship activities, and to plan any extracurricular activities so that they do not conflict.

The Application Process

A one-page application is provided at the end of this brochure. In addition, applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation, one of them prepared by a Master of the Bench at the applicant’s Inn. Applicants also are required to submit a résumé and a short narrative setting forth the reason they wish to participate in the program. Please refer to the checklist on the application to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted with the application. Each application is reviewed and, if necessary, applicants may be interviewed by a member of the selection committee. Applications must be received no later than January 27, 2025. Selections will be announced in late May 2025.

Still have questions?  Watch this webinar featuring two recent Pegasus Scholars answering questions about the application process and the scholarship itself. Watch these videos from former Pegasus scholars, which highlight the benefits and value of the scholarship and provide a sole practitioner perspective.