Volunteer Opportunities

Service on the American Inns of Court Board of Trustees

General Information

  • The American Inns of Court Board of Trustees is comprised of up to 21 members. Trustees serve 3-year terms, and may serve two terms on the board. Trustees must be active members of an American Inn of Court.
  • There are two board meetings each year. The spring board meeting is held at different locations throughout the country. The fall board meeting is held in October in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the annual Celebration of Excellence at the Supreme Court of the United States. Meetings are generally one day, and held on a Friday or a Saturday.
  • Board members are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses, as well as expenses associated with the Celebration of Excellence, Amity Visits to London, and other special events.
Governance and Board Development Committee

The Governance and Board Development Committee, chaired by the secretary of the American Inns of Court, considers member-nominated, self-nominated, and other qualified members of the American Inns of Court to develop a slate for election and recommendations for appointments to the board. Board elections and nominations occur annually in the spring.

Board Guidance to the Governance and Board Development Committee
The board of trustees has provided the below guidance to the Governance and Board Development Committee to guide the committee as it develops the election slate and recommends appointments: 

  1. The ideal board of trustees for the future of the American Inns of Court includes trustees who:
    • Are passionate about the American Inns of Court, have the time to be engaged, and make the American Inns of Court a priority
    • Are committed to do the work of the Foundation
    • Have Inn leadership experience
    • Bring specific expertise to the board in finance, technology, etc., as needed
    • Are proven leaders in other legal organizations
    • Bring fundraising and development skills to the board
    • Are strategic thinkers
    • Are able to leverage their personal relationships and connections to be effective ambassadors for the American Inns of Court across the legal profession.
  2. The board must strive to achieve personal, professional, and geographic diversity in all its aspects. The Board should include a mix of judges (federal, state, appellate and trial); attorneys; academics; and public trustees—brought onto the board under a guiding principle of diversity.
  3. The board of trustees, exclusive of the officers, must have at least one member from each of the regions represented by a staff director of chapter relations.

Board of Trustees Nominations

  • To indicate personal interest in serving on the American Inns of Court Board of Trustees, you may complete the Volunteer Interest Form.  Indications of interest will be reviewed by the executive director prior to being shared with the Governance and Board Development Committee.
  • To nominate someone else, please provide a short nomination letter, accompanied by a bio of the nominee. The nomination may be mailed to the attention of the Executive Director, American Inns of Court, 225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 770, Alexandria, VA 22314, submitted via email though your Chapter Relations Director , or attached to an email sent to Ms. Wanda Stokes.
  • Nominations will be placed on a rolling list for consideration by the committee.