How to Participate in a Virtual Meeting

Be prepared

If this is your first time joining a virtual meeting, it is recommended that you login to the meeting a few minutes early to be sure you have downloaded the software necessary to join the meeting and your audio and/or video settings are working properly.

• Most virtual meeting platforms require you to download software to access the meeting.

• Follow the instructions on your screen to download and install the required software.

• Most platforms allow you to test your audio and video and adjust your settings before joining the meeting. Take the time to ensure that your desired speaker, microphone, and video camera are selected.

Join the meeting

Your meeting invitation and/or registration confirmation should include a link and a meeting ID or password.

• Click on the meeting link

• Enter the password or meeting ID when prompted to do so

Virtual Meeting Pro Tips

When participating in an virtual meeting, please remember the following protocols.

• Choose a quiet location away from background noise. Background noise such as the dog barking, children playing, and even typing can be very distracting and make it hard to focus on the speaker

• Locate and use the mute button. Be considerate of other participants and remain on mute unless you’re speaking.

• If you are using the video option, remember that others will be able to see the area behind you, so you may want to choose a neutral background or location for your call.