Sample Job Description—Secretary-Treasurer

Position Impact

  • The Secretary-Treasurer conducts or oversees much of the administrative work of the Inn, thereby providing a level of organizational stability necessary to continue operations.

Position Responsibilities

  • Keeps the membership rolls, gathering necessary information from new and returning members.
  • Keeps attendance records for each meeting and brings attendance problems to the attention of the Membership Committee Chair.
  • Conducts the annual election of officers according to the procedures set forth in the Inn bylaws.
  • Submits leadership and member information to the American Inns of Court Foundation.
  • Bills and collects member dues according to the schedule set forth by the Executive Committee.
  • Manages the Inn finances and bank accounts, reporting on the Inn's financial status to the Executive Committee at each meeting.
  • Deposits all monies collected, and pays all debts incurred, by the Inn.
  • Prepares annual budget for approval by Executive Committee.
  • Supervises the Inn Administrator.

Position Qualifications

  • Must be a Barrister or Master of the Bench and must maintain an active status with the Inn throughout his or her term.
  • Must have been continuously active with the Inn for a minimum of two years before beginning his or her term.
  • High level of organizational skills and an ability to work effectively with numerous other people on specific tasks.
  • Prior experience in basic bookkeeping, budgeting and financial reporting.
Commitment Required

  • The term of this position is two years, commencing on July 1 following the elections.
  • A person may serve two consecutive terms, however, a second term requires reelection according to the procedures set forth in the Inn bylaws.

  • Meet with outgoing Secretary-Treasurer to review the procedures, financial accounts and membership rolls.
  • Review the Inn's self-evaluation to determine previous successes or challenges encountered in the position.
  • Attend an American Inns of Court Leadership Summit, the cost of which is paid by the Inn.
Responsible To/Responsible For

  • The Secretary-Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee and, therefore, reports to the Inn President.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer supervises the work of the Inn Administrator.