Sample Position Description—Mentoring Chair

Position Impact

  • The Mentoring Chair directs the mentoring component of the Inn.
  • If deemed necessary, the chair is authorized to form a committee, ideally comprised of:
    • members who are not officers
    • members who have been in the role of either mentor or mentee
    • between 3–5 members

Position Responsibilities

  • As part of the Inn’s strategic planning process, determine whether or not the Inn will implement a mentoring program, or engage in a series of mentoring activities that will comprise a program (models available)
  • Create a general plan for the year's mentoring efforts in advance (before the first meeting in the fall) with the approval of the executive committee
  • Communicate widely and often the mentoring opportunities to all Inn members
  • Encourage all levels of membership to participate
  • Create pairings or groupings of mentor/mentees; check in on mentors and mentees on progress, readjust as necessary
  • Organize the mentoring activities
  • Create and deploy satisfaction evaluations at the end of each activity or program year; share results with the national office

Position Qualifications

  • The person in this position must maintain an active membership status with the Inn throughout his or her term.

Commitment Required

  • The term of this position is two years, commencing on July 1, and may be appointed for additional terms.


  • Must meet with the outgoing Mentoring Chair or President to review the current standing of the Inn’s mentoring efforts
  • Review the Inn’s most recent membership satisfaction survey to determine previous successes or challenges encountered in the position
  • Review the resources available in the Mentoring section of the national office website
  • Optional: Attend a Leadership Summit

Responsible To/Responsible For

  • Reports to the Executive Committee
  • Works with the other Mentoring Committee volunteers
  • Oversees mentors