Sample Job Description—Counselor

Position Impact

  • The Counselor assists the President in his or her responsibilities.

Position Responsibilities

  • Execute the functions of the President in his or her absence.
  • Establish and maintain liaison with the local federal and state courts.
  • Oversee the Inn's mentoring program.
Position Qualifications

  • Must be a Master of the Bench and must maintain active status with the Inn of Court throughout his or her term.
  • If the concurrent President is not a judge, the Counselor must be a judge.
  • Must have been continuously active with the Inn for a minimum of two years before beginning his or her term.
  •  Demonstrated leadership skills, either as an officer or committee chair of the Inn, or through a leadership position with another legal or community organization.
Commitment Required

  • The term of this position is two years, commencing on July 1 following the elections.
  • A person may serve two consecutive terms, however, a second term requires reelection according to the procedures set forth in the Inn bylaws.


  • Meet with the outgoing President and Counselor to review the current standing of the various operational areas of the Inn, including the status of the Inn's mentoring program.
  • Review the Inn's most recent self-evaluation to determine previous successes or challenges encountered in the position.
  • Attend an American Inns of Court Leadership Summit, the cost of which is paid by the Inn.

Responsible To/Responsible For

  • The Counselor is a member of the Executive Committee.