The American Inn of Court Member Experience 

October 2017: How Have You Exemplified the Aspects of the American Inn of Court Member Experience?

This past year, you told us what is most important to you as a member of the American Inns of Court. You defined collegiality, innovation, respect, education, connections and mentorship as the key aspects of the member experience. Over this past year, you have demonstrated these essential attributes in monumental ways, and we want to recognize your impressive participation.

More than 220 Inn leaders participated in Leadership Summits, demonstrating collegiality, education, and connection.

Inn leaders and prospective Inn leaders attended 13 Leadership Summits across the country to learn strategies for enhanced Inn management, higher member engagement, and more innovative programming. All Inn leaders and interested Inn members are welcome to attend these informative sessions and brainstorm with their peers. Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2018 Leadership Summits.

You produced excellent programming, demonstrating innovation and a commitment to education and mentorship.

The Program Awards Committee considered 176 outstanding, creative programs and nationally recognized the best of the best for their innovative program ideas:

• Alice in Hamilton: A Patent Ethics Musical: Benjamin Franklin Inn of Court, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Book of Warren: Earl Warren Inn of Court, Oakland, California
Kennedy Feud: Anthony M. Kennedy Inn of Court, Sacramento, California

Learn more about these unique programs and get inspired to implement your own creative ideas.

Exceptional candidates were nominated for our national awards, recognizing the importance of respect for our profession.

We were able to shine a light on some truly exceptional individuals who exemplify excellence in the legal profession. Please help us celebrate our national award winners, who will be honored at the Celebration of Excellence in October for the following prestigious awards:

• A. Sherman Christensen Award
• Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Award for Professionalism and Ethics
• Sandra Day O’Connor Award for Professional Service
• Warren E. Burger Prize
• Professionalism Awards

You supported and grew education and mentorship in the profession.

The National Advocacy Training Program has trained 40 young Inn members to date on the most effective skills in advocacy with the help of skilled British barristers. Learn more and start planning for 2018 programs.

You also joined us in celebrating our educational pillars through Mentoring Month in January, Ethics Month in July, and now Civility Month in October. Thank you for sharing your insights with us in previous months, and we look forward to hearing from you again in Civility Month. Follow the Civility Month community to get involved.

Watch the above video from American Inns of Court Executive Director, Malinda Dunn, to learn more about the tremendous dedication to our values we have seen from our members and take part in our opportunities to engage.