Here is what past attendees had to say about their Leadership Summit experience:

“There is no better way to experience the excellent work being done by the Inn movement than by attending a Leadership [Summit]. During the seminar three things happen: you learn what other Inns do so very well, experience the wisdom of other Inn leaders, and know what an Inn can do to fulfill its mission of promoting professionalism, civility, and excellence. Bringing this learning, experience, and knowledge to your own Inn is one of the most rewarding things an individual can do to help their Inn provide the high quality member experience for which we all strive."

—A. Brian Phillips, Esq.
President, George C. Young American Inn of Court, Florida

“I attended the Leadership Summit to find out more about how other Inns engage with their membership and learn of any areas that our Inn can improve upon … While our Inn is doing very well in certain areas, there were some good ideas about getting younger members involved in leadership roles and providing a bit more structure for the mentoring program that we are going to explore and implement in the coming year.”

—Jessica Mangrum
Lloyd Lochridge American Inn of Court, Texas

“The Leadership Summit was an engaging and dynamic experience. I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with our Chapter Relations Director and leaders from other Inns. Our Inn will benefit from the participant’s combined experience and valuable insight.”

—Ashlie Case Sletvold
William K. Thomas Inn of Court, Ohio

“The [Leadership Summit] experience affirmed what a noble profession we share. Meeting and sharing ideas with such a diverse group who truly care about the profession, its future, and civility reawakened the ideals that inspired me to pursue this career. The energy in the room was amazing and so positive.”

—Lisa Paulson
Lloyd Lochridge American Inn of Court, Texas

“The [American Inns of Court] Leadership Summit is a ‘must-attend’ for Inn leaders-to-be and current in leaders. [The summits are] a great opportunity to share best practices and to meet and get to know other Inn leaders and the outstanding staff professionals of the [American Inns of Court].”

—William D. Johnston
Richard S. Rodney Inn of Court, Delaware