Leadership Summit Virtual Sessions

The word “summit” has two distinct meanings: one being a meeting or conference, the other being the highest peak of a hill or mountain. We like to think of a Leadership Summit as both: it is a meeting of current and aspiring American Inns of Court leaders that will equip you with the insights and the tools you need to ascend to excellence.

This year’s Leadership Summit sessions will be conducted virtually to allow you to collaborate with Inn leaders across the organization to share best practices, discuss challenges and develop strategies for delivering the highest quality experience to your members.

  • Connect with other Inn leaders to hear successful approaches to differentiate your Inn from other legal organizations and make it a priority for your members
  • Explore how to make your Inn’s education and mentoring programs meaningful and relevant for members at all career levels
  • Integrate the resources and member benefits offered by the national organization into your Inn to provide greater value to your members

General Outline of the Leadership Summit Virtual Sessions

PEOPLE—Organization, Membership Recruitment and Retention

March 23 • April 7 • May 11 • June 2

  • History and Founding Philosophy
  • Recruiting Strategy and Process
  • Member Expectations
  • Organizational "Nuts and Bolts

EXPERIENCE—Pupillage, Mentoring, and Outreach

March 24 • April 8 • May 12 • June 3

  • Meeting Member Expectations
  • Pupillage and Mentoring Program Structure
  • Outreach and Engagement

PROGRAMS—Meetings and Content

March 25 • April 9 • May 13 • June 4

  • Mission and Purpose of Meetings
  • High Quality Member Experience: Collegiality; Innovation; Respect; Education; Connection; Mentoring
  • Effective In-Person and Virtual Meetings
  • Content Relevance