Bling Empire Files Bankruptcy
Bling Empire is a reality tv show with characters who are the real life "Crazy Rich Asians." In this episode, several of the characters, including the always outlandish Anna Shay and explosively angry Andrew Gray, file bankruptcy, attempting to elude impending debts. Will Anna Shay be able to avoid paying jewelry company Cartier the money she owes, or will the Chapter 7 Trustee's motion to deny a discharge be granted? Will Andrew Gray steer clear of paying for the destruction he caused by setting fire to the Rodeo Drive shops, or does his intentional conduct that caused the incident preclude a discharge? Our favorite Bling Empire characters get in on the action. Newly minted attorney Kevin Kreider takes a crack at representing Anna Shay. Christine Chiu shows up just to gloat at Anna Shay's expense. Cherie Chan contests the Trustee's motion to recover the tiara that Anna Shay recently gifted her daughter. And Kane Lim does what he does best, just hangs around, interjecting himself into the fray. The parties end up in Bankruptcy Court, where the judge rules on the various motions, educating the audience along the way.

Presented By: The Earl Warren American Inn of Court (30287)

Presented: May, 2021

Topic Areas: Bankruptcy

Materials: Script, Citations of Law, Handouts, PowerPoint Presentation and Video

CLE Approval: Approved

State: California

Hours: 1.0

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