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Letter to Bankruptcy Inns


The American Inns of Court is very pleased to launch the Bankruptcy Inn Alliance.

The alliance collects all of the American Inns of Court focused on the practice of bankruptcy and insolvency law (currently eight) in one place under the national umbrella. Participation in the alliance is included with American Inns of Court membership.

The purpose of the alliance is to foster the exchange of programs and information between the bankruptcy Inns, provide a forum to discuss issues of general concern to bankruptcy practitioners, and help encourage the formation of new Inns that focus on bankruptcy and insolvency law. Of course, we will continue to pursue the overall mission of the American Inns of Court to foster professionalism, civility, and excellence in the practice of law.

The alliance is modeled on the incredible success of the Linn Inn Alliance, which focuses on intellectual property law, and we acknowledge their leadership in specialty Inn practice groups.

As a first step toward the Bankruptcy Inn Alliance, we have created a website This website will be the virtual hub for the Bankruptcy Inn Alliance with links to all existing bankruptcy Inns, along with a separate link to programs. You may also find this website by clicking on "Bankruptcy Inn Alliance" under "Inn Support" at the bottom of the American Inns of Court website (

The Bankruptcy Inn Alliance will have special features unique to bankruptcy practitioners who are also members of American Inns of Court. More specifically, we will develop the following:

1. a yearly meeting in conjunction with the annual conference of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges;

2. an advisory board featuring prominent bankruptcy judges and attorneys;

3. an ability to exchange and share program development ideas;

4. an opportunity to partner with extended members of the bankruptcy practice family, such as forensic accountants and other professionals;

5. a program award presented by the American Inns of Count specifically limited to bankruptcy programs;

6. reciprocal privileges for all bankruptcy Inn members; and,

7. an opportunity for joint programs between and among the bankruptcy Inns, as well as other American Inns of Court.

There are many more details and exciting events we plan for the future.

Like all Inn programs, our success will depend upon participation and enthusiasm of the Bankruptcy Inn Alliance members. Right now there are 888 members of the American Inns of Court who practice bankruptcy law and have joined a bankruptcy Inn. We are confident this number will continue to grow as people enjoy the benefits of American Inn of Court membership and participation with this new alliance.

In order to begin the exchange of program information, we ask that you share a summary of your meetings and programs with other members of the alliance. As your schedule for the next Inn year develops, simply send an e-mail with a short narrative about the upcoming meetings and schedules to Andrew Young at the national office ( and he will make sure it is posted to the website. While our Inns are all devoted to bankruptcy practice, each Inn has its own character.

As a longer-range goal, we expect to develop and fund a professionalism award dedicated to bankruptcy practitioners. The award will be modeled after the American Inns of Court Professionalism Awards, which are given on a federal circuit basis to a worthy judge or attorney who has within his or her career demonstrated the ideals of the American Inns of Court.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for this new alliance and continue to enjoy and benefit from membership in the American Inns of Court. Stay tuned for further developments. In the meantime, please share your ideas, check the website regularly, and feel free to contact us for more information.

Andrew R. Turner
Co-Chair and Founder, Bankruptcy Inn Alliance
Bankruptcy American Inn of Court
New Jersey

Michael A. McConnell
Co-Chair and Founder, Bankruptcy Inn Alliance
Honorable John C. Ford Inn of Court
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas